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Full-Service Custom Framing for both Residential and Commercial

Our primary service is offering custom framing with the best of quality, style and price for your art, documents, textiles, and objects. You can bring us the items to be framed, arrange for us to pick them up or e-mail us photos of what is to be framed and where it is to hang. Our designers will suggest colors, choices of materials, design a layout and provide prices for you to approve. Our expert framers will build the frame, cut mats, attach or mount the item, protect it with glazing (as needed), and assemble everything ready for hanging on your wall.

Frame Making

is done on-site. We maintain a wide selection of frame mouldings to select from. You will find styles that mimic current trends and colors as well as vintage and traditional styles. Your frame will be the correct color and joined with perfect corners.


choices include acid-free paper mats in solid colors, foils and printed designs. Our selections include Bainbridge ArtCare matboard, which absorbs the impurities from the environment around the art, Crescent Care Matboard and Artique Matboards, an economical choice with conservation qualities. Matting may also be covered with a variety of fabrics, including suede, silk, linen, moiré, and velvet. We also use fabrics on wood liners that are available in many sizes and shapes. Mats can be cut in just about any shape. Paper mats can be cut-out with custom initials or inlaid with a contrasting color.


(glass) choices include many options. At Seaside Gallery we always try to recommend the best products that will preserve what you are framing for many years to come. Therefore we offer the best in the industry - TruVu Conservation Clear, TruVu Reflection Control and TruVu Museum Glass. Each filters 99% of UV rays, both from sunlight and fluorescent bulbs. Museum Glass has an additional coating that almost eliminates reflections and has the pure clarity of regular clear glass. When size, weight, and safety are factors, we can recommend acrylic substitutes for all types of glass.


methods that preserve what is being framed, is our primary recommendation. It means if you were to take your framed piece apart and remove the items that were in the frame, those items should be close to their original condition before framing. To accomplish this we use conservation and acid-free materials for hinging, hand-stitching, sink mats and acid free acrylic corners to name a few of the methods used. The choice of the method is decided by considering conservation, preservation, safety, and permanence. For non-conservation mounting we cold mount with a large oversize vacuum press. This is good for posters, maps, signs and such. We can mount up to 40” x 60”. Vacuum mounting is also good for taking out creases and bends in paper.


is simply the final assembly of all the components. It is important because we don’t want a piece of dust, scratched glass, or something crooked. We believe in giving as much care to the back of your piece as we do to the front. First, we use a heavy black paper for our dust covers on the back. We can make a pocket or provide an acid-free acrylic pocket on the back for documents about the artwork. Our hanging wire is vinyl coated to resist rust in the Gulf Coast humidity. Also to protect what is being framed from humidity, we always add a type of foam board for the final backing. There will be bumpers on the bottom corners to protect your wall when you hang your framed piece. A label about caring and cleaning conservation glass is added when your piece includes this type of glass. To complete your custom framing experience, picture frame bull-dog hangers are provided for the right size and weight needed to hang your piece. Our goal is to present you with a “perfect” picture frame completed on time and done right.

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