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What better way to do that than with the shadow-box framing technique. This is when you bring us your collection of treasures that tell a story. We’ll work with you to create a pleasing layout and perhaps make suggestions of other items that might be included. The shadow-box is a frame with enough depth to set your items under protective glass or acrylic. We have quality wood frame mouldiing samples in many sizes, shapes and colors to select from. We use conservation methods when possible to attach your items, preserving them in their original state.  We usually will line the inside of the frame with the same color and material that the items are set on, hence the name shadow-box. A custom engraved brushed gold or silver  plate identifying the objects  can be added when appropriate. We believe that documentation of historical items is important. To that end, we’ll attach a Mylar folder on the back dust cover of the frame. You can place written descriptions in the folder for future generations.

Prices for custom shadow-box framing will vary depending on size, number of items and frame selection.  We have competitive priced selections and we will be honest and try to work within your budget.

Shadow Box Samples

About Ruth Burke

As a professional art photographer, Ruth Burke has many publishing credits to her name. Her images have been featured in national and regional books and magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, Texas Highways, Metropolitan Home, Bay Runner and Gulfscapes.

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