Art Reproduction


How The Process Works

We provide a complete service from creating a digital file of the original to making a matching print.  When requested a test strip or test print can be provided for approval before making the final print.

What we Need

The following are the different options available so that we can create a digital file to make a reproduction print.

We can photograph the art on location

Bring or ship the art to us for photographing

Scan a photo, negative or slide of the art

Provide a digital file of the art by using the File Upload provision on this website, or via e-mail, mail or drop off at our store.

Image Adjustments

When a painting requires extensive color adjustments or elements are requested to be removed or tears are in need of digital repair we will provide a cost estimate for the additional work.

Billable in Quarter hour increments:  $80.00 per hour - minimum $20.00

About Ruth Burke

As a professional art photographer, Ruth Burke has many publishing credits to her name. Her images have been featured in national and regional books and magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, Texas Highways, Metropolitan Home, Bay Runner and Gulfscapes.

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