Born in 1955 in Houston, Texas, Ruth Burke has remained a resident of Texas.  After graduating high school she pursued her interest in art with education, internships and employment in the art field.

After moving with her husband in the 1970s to the Clear Lake area along Galveston Bay on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, she began her focus in capturing the changing seaside character of the area. She is well known for her historic images from this time with many published and printed credits to her name.

While raising their three daughters, she and her husband would travel to the many beach areas along the Texas Gulf Coast from Galveston to South Padre Island.  During this time, Ruth created her sea shell photography collection of images that can be found hanging in interiors worldwide.

With a maiden name of Buttacavoli, Ruth captured her European heritage in travels to her grandparents homeland of Sicily.  This resulted in an exclusive collection of images represented by Island International Artist.

The essence of time that is represented in architecture that has survived centuries became a driving force for Ruth in making photographs that speak to many generations.  This collection of images makes art by contrasting man-made design with nature.

A common element in Ruth's work is nature.  Her latest work contrast abstract design elements found in nature with the effects of light on color.  The result is a collection of very pleasing and calming images that that transcends the senses.

This journey into making photographs that speak from the heart has given Ruth Burke a wealth of imagery to offer.  Her galley the Seaside Gallery remains the home base of her work since she opened it in 1989. Recently, she has combined her experience with creating art through photography with writing and teaching.  At present her interest is to have her imagery give hope and inspire healing in the medical environment.

About Ruth Burke

As a professional art photographer, Ruth Burke has many publishing credits to her name. Her images have been featured in national and regional books and magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, Texas Highways, Metropolitan Home, Bay Runner and Gulfscapes.

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