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Ruth Burke - owner

She is the reason the Seaside Gallery is here.  It was her vision that saw the need to capture the character of the Seabrook and Kemah waterfronts in the 1970s.   Because of these photographs and the need to show and sell them, Ruth learned to do custom framing.  Her first mentor was Helen Delacruz from Stebbins Gallery in Kemah.  She fondly remembers Helen's reply to anything that appeared on the mat that was not supposed to be there...she would put her finger on the spot and say "heal".

After becoming successful with selling her photography at local and regional Art Festivals, Ruth decided to open a store with regular hours that would sell her photography and offer professional custom framing services.  Customers would have many options for framing Ruth's work as well as being able to have other items framed.  Her first gallery located at 1105 Second Street in Seabrook was open Wed. - Sat. and then in 1999 she moved the store to 204 Kirby in Taylor Lake Village which is open Monday through Saturday.

Ruth has worked closely with residents and local business owners designing and producing artwork and framing for their walls.  She is a lifetime member of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.  Her photographs hang in the local city halls and have been used to advertise the beauty of the Clear Lake area in many publications.  She co-authored the "Images in Time - Seabrook" book published in 2010.  Her framing designs can be found in the homes of many local residents and business.  She is very knowledgeable of different types of art and how they should be framed.  She maintains her education in the picture framing industry insuring that the latest and the best materials are used at the Seaside Gallery.

Valerie Little

 Ruth recognized the inherited talent that Valerie showed with arts and crafts as she watched her grow up with her oldest daughter.  When she needed to add another picture framing assistant she asked Valerie if she would like to learn how to do picture framing.  She accepted although she had no idea what picture framing required.  Ruth remembers how afraid she was when it came to cutting glass.  It was not very long and Valerie's natural talent and patience came through.  While the techniques for picture framing can be taught, it is Valerie's creative talent that excels in each piece she completes. She will greet you with a smile and quickly explain the best design and materials for framing your piece. Since joining the Seaside Gallery in 2004, she has grown to being in  control of the picture framing services.

Heather Frank

She is our newest addition to the Seaside Gallery.  Heather brings a sense of whimsy to our staff.  She is very creative and meticulous and works her magic in the workshop.

Iary Garcia

Iary  brings her vivacious personality and creative talents to helping customers with selecting art.  She has a keen sense for design and an appreciation for how art can affect our moods. With a background in the medical field, she is in charge of supplying art to medical facilities and commercial locations.

Bill Burke

As Ruth's husband, he is the reason she has photographed so many subjects.  If he did not bring her to Seabrook on a date, she would have never moved there and used her talents to capture the changing waterfront scene at that time.  He has accompanied her on her journey through life raising their three daughters while photographing close to home and far away.  He manages her art festival schedule and assist with promoting her work and the Seaside Gallery and assist with the delivery and installation services.

Monica Burke

As Ruth Burke's oldest daughter, she grew up helping her Mom at art festivals.  Ruth remembers "once when Monica was about 8 years old,  she was helping me at a booth for the GCCA at the famous Shamrock Hilton Hotel in Houston.  I had to go to the restroom and I left her in charge.  When I returned, she said "Mother I sold this big framed picture and here is the cash the man gave me" She was holding three hundred dollar bills."

Monica continues to asist her mother at art festivals when available and she remains a constant promoter for the Seaside Gallery.

Lacie Burke

With a degree in Communications, Lacie brings her writing and graphic design skills to the staff of the Seaside Gallery.  When "The Friends of the Library" asked Ruth to design a mural for the new Evelyn Meador Library in Seabrook, Lacie was part of the team.  

About Ruth Burke

As a professional art photographer, Ruth Burke has many publishing credits to her name. Her images have been featured in national and regional books and magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, Texas Highways, Metropolitan Home, Bay Runner and Gulfscapes.

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